The changing of the seasons can seriously affect your skin – and not in a good way. Whether it’s the office air conditioning on full blast or somebody cranking up the thermostat at home, it can be difficult to keep skin hydrated day-to-day. But as we get older, collagen production starts to decrease, which means it’s more important than ever to keep skin hydrated.

So, what can you do to ensure your skin stays plump, bright and beautiful? Here’s how to give your skin a well-deserved drink…
Nourish from the inside out – drink water!

How many times have you heard this? But it’s still so true. Your body is made up of 70% water and keeping it hydrated throughout the day will ensure you stay healthy. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your skin is likely to be dehydrated, leading to a dull and uneven complexion. Up your water intake to at least two litres a day and you’ll soon notice a difference to both your skin and body.

Update your skincare routine
Don’t be afraid to update your regime as the seasons change. In colder months, your skin needs a heavier moisturiser to protect it from the elements, compared with those warmer months. So go lighter in spring and summer. Use quality products, such as Environ Skincare, which offers great results for the skin when used regularly.
Revamp your skincare routine with Environ’s C-Quence Hydrating Serum. Its combination of vitamins support and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance and promote firmer, softer skin. If you’d like to give it a try, throughout April we are giving customers 20% off this serum when purchased from The Treatment Room.

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Turn down the heat

We all love a hot shower, or a long soak in the bath, but that heat is sapping your skin of its vital hydration. Long baths and showers can strip essential oils from the surface, leading to dry and flaky skin. So keep temperatures warm and take shorter baths to ensure greater hydration levels. And don’t forget to slather on moisturiser (both face and body) afterwards!

Lock in moisture with a treatment

Give your skin a moisture boost with a facial or skincare treatment. While they are often seen as a treat, we believe they are key to ensuring your skin stays as healthy as possible. Pollution, dirt and dead skin are facts of life on the face and while our daily routine does a job, it’s sometimes not enough. And that’s where facials come in.

Our trained professionals will assess your skin’s needs and getting a facial on a regular basis will do wonders for the overall health of your skin. Our vitamin-packed treatments are suitable for all skin types and our salon staff will be happy to answer any skincare questions you might have at your appointment.

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Fancy having a facial at The Treatment Room? Throughout April, we are offering the Hydraboost Treatment for £70, that’s £20 less than the usual price. This 90-minute intensive treatment hydrates while plumping and firming your skin. If you are struggling with skin dehydration, this is the treatment for you; it helps to reduce fine lines and leaves you with glowing skin.

Book a Hydraboost Treatment online today or call 07781 158477 to be well on your way to beautiful skin!

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